Top Selling Hippie Bags

Top Selling Hippie Bags

Craft to soul aspires to deliver a spice to life by providing an avenue of alternative fashion and accessories from current fast fashion trends. Just like our clothing and other products on Craft to Soul, our collection of bags is made exclusively by local craftsmen across India.

Jamaican Style Hemp Backpack

Jamaican Style Hemp Backpack
Bob Marley Style Bag

Our latest addition to our collection. Made from Hemp and Cotton, the Jamaican Style backpack collection is great for school or college. Comprising of a 13.5-inch laptop compartment with still enough room to fit other school necessities, the Jamaican Hemp Backpack will be a stand out in any school hallway and have other students turning heads.

Shoulder Tote Bag

Hippie boho tote bag
Hippie boho tote bag pink

A tote bag is a must-have in all wardrobes! Craft to Soul has an ample range of tote bags, but our most popular within the range is the Hippie Cross bag. A great size for everyday wear, the multicoloured tote bag sits comfortably on the shoulder without strain. Another great exemplar of local craftsmanship in India, the Hippie Cross bag allows the wearer to carry the tote bag guilt-free as having this bag supports local vendors and reaffirms that sustainability is more desirable than fast fashion!

For each bag, the craftsman expresses his love of culture in his art, so all customer can take his culture everywhere they go. From Rajasthani to Jamaican culture, Craft to Soul offers an array of bags suited to any need. Our bags are made from varying material such as Hemp, Cotton blend and Jute. You can be assured that when you purchase a bag from Craft to Soul, you are supporting the pursuit of sustainable and quality bags at an affordable price.

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