Hercules Vase


Inner: Diameter 50mm
Height: 300mm
Paint: Germany Heraeus Gold
Technology: Handmade

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Hercules Vase: Exclusively designed with gold plated artwork collection of vases! As a local business we have worked tirelessly to expand our business so you, our loyal customers can have the options you need. But honestly, without your support, this collection could not be possible and for that thank you, everyone, for the positive feedback and contribution that helped us get this far. Our collection of vases incorporates real gold design on the vase to elevate the vase as a centrepiece. Swipe right to see the rest of our designs!

Hercules Vase 4

Top and mouth

The flat internal surface makes sure the connection between the mouth and the base grommet more easily and smoothly. Besides, the internal diameter is controlled very strictly.

Hercules Vase 5

Bottle body and pattern

From the gorgeous glossiness of the pattern on the Vase, it is easy to find that the painting is using completely real high-end gold and handmade. The body is round and charming with smooth lines, you can feel the stable of the Vase.

Hercules Vase 6


The flat and smooth bottom makes the Vase much more stable and strong against shaking.

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