• Cushion covers

    Cushion covers (4)

    Cushion covers Beautifully created by local artisans in India, these cushion covers are so unique that each cushion cover cannot be made identical from one another. Embroidery completed with patchwork, each cover in co-operating different beading to reflect the unique culture that reflects the true heart of India. Craft to Soul is offering a wide range of cushion covers varying…
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp

    Himalayan Salt Lamp (3)

    Himalayan Salt Lamp: Not simply used as another alternative home décor, Himalayan Salt Lamps have health benefits. Specifically, Himalayan Salt Lamps purifies the air indoors, which is beneficial for anyone suffering allergies. Himalayan Salt Lamps are cost-effective alternatives in comparison to commercial air purifiers. Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps can reduce the number of airborne bacteria indoors, neutralising the Electro-Magnetic Fields…
  • Table Covers

    Table Covers (3)

    Table Covers A beautiful art piece can be used as a picnic rug, at the beach and just be wanting to bask in some warm summer breeze, or even as your dining tablecloth, the Manda design is eye-catching, to say the least. a great gift for anyone wanting to add vibrant décor to their house, the Manda cover is available…
  • Tapestries

    Tapestries (30)

    Tapestries | Wall Hangings Just a small glimpse into India’s captivating history and culture, our collection of the handcrafted tapestry will bring vibrancy into any space. Designed by locals all around India, and using the finest cotton, each art piece showcases the beauty that can only be offered in India. Whether you want to express your spirituality through art, or…
  • Vases

    Vases (5)

    Vases: Craft to Soul is proud to announce a long-awaited collection of vases! As a local business we have worked tirelessly to expand our business so you, our loyal customers can have the options you need. But honestly, without your support, this collection could not be possible and for that thank you, everyone, for the positive feedback and contribution that…
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