• Bracelets

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    Bracelets Craft to Soul offers a wide range of unique Bracelets. The most popular one, Hamsa stone bracelet, is truly a beautiful piece of art representing the spiritual connection. In our handmade collections, we have Tribal bracelets made by Indian tribal people.
  • Macramé

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    Macramé Handmade Jewelry Necklaces | Bracelets | Pendants
  • Mala Beads

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    108 Beads Mala | Mala Beads Bracelet
  • Necklaces

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    Craft to Soul offers a wide range of Boho Necklaces, Statement Necklaces, Handmade Necklaces, and Vintage Necklaces.
  • Pendants

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    Craft to Soul offers a large and unique collection of handmade Pendants. Our Pendants are handmade and come various styles such as 7 Chakra Pendants, Natural Raw Crystal Stone Pendants, Crystal Geode Stone Pendants and Druzy Stone Pendants. The most popular one is the Tree of Life Pendant.
  • Rings

    Rings (10)

    Craft to Soul offers a large variety of  Rings from Antique Vintage Style to Fashion Rings at a very reasonable price. All our rings are handmade by using natural gemstone and raw gemstone used.