Elephant Embroidered Bag
Embroidered Velvet Clutch Bag

100% Cotton

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    Bags and Handbags Craft to Soul has a large variety of Bags and Handbags in all colours, styles and sizes. We proudly promote handmade and hand-embroidered bags which come in multi-colour range and designs. Our huge collection of handmade Bags and Handbags depict Tribal art, Rajasthani culture and unique craftsmanship of India. All our bags and handbags are manufactured with…
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    Cushion covers: Beautifully created by local artisans in India, these cushion covers are so unique that each cushion cover cannot be made identical from one another. Embroidery completed with patchwork, each cover in co-operating different beading to reflect the unique culture that reflects the true heart of India. Craft to Soul is offering a wide range of cushion covers varying…
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    Craft to Soul offers a wide range of Boho Necklaces, Statement Necklaces, Handmade Necklaces, and Vintage Necklaces.
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    Tapestries: Just a small glimpse into India’s captivating history and culture, our collection of the handcrafted tapestry will bring vibrancy into any space. Designed by locals all around India, and using the finest cotton, each art piece showcases the beauty that can only be offered in India. Whether you want to express your spirituality through art, or simply would like…